Powering our communities with clean energy.

Indigo Power is a community of energy users and creators. Join in by signing up to your community energy hub with our electricity plan. Together we can power our region with 100% renewable energy.


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Our community

You’re in Australia’s most active community energy region.

With your help, we’re building community energy hubs in towns across North East Victoria and Southern NSW. We’ve partnered with 15 community energy groups, from Albury to Seymour, to deliver clean energy solutions, community energy hubs, and local renewable generation and storage.

Towns like Yackandandah are leading the way, and we’ll be there with your community, to power our region with clean energy.

We’re a community owned energy company, based here in regional Victoria. As a certified social enterprise, we’ve committed to returning 50% of our profits to clean energy and community projects in our towns. That means more money that’s spent here, stays here.

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Our community