What could a community battery
mean for your town or region?
Join the webinar to find out.

Join the webinar 2.00 pm, Monday 31 August. 

Across Australia there is interest in community batteries, and a number of installations are now providing initial results.

Community batteries can provide benefits to individual customers and to the network services, and are likely to encourage more solar installations on homes.

Follow this link  join the meeting at 2pm on 31st August

This webinar brings together national experts to explain how community batteries work, where they have been installed or planned, models of ownership and management, and the economic and social benefits and costs of providing and operating them. It is an important webinar for communities across Australia at this time of rapid change in our energy system.

Speakers at the event include:

Revana Boodhraj   Senior Business Analyst, Western Power

Dr Marnie Shaw   Research Leader, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, ANU

Justin Harding   Manager, Network Innovation, Ausnet Services

Ben McGowan   Managing Director, Indigo Power

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