Staying Connected While Apart

Coronavirus is changing the way we work and interact. As businesses start working from home it can be hard to stay connected with colleagues.

At Indigo Power we often have staff working remotely. Sandy lives in Cudgewa and worked from home for a few weeks after the summer bushfires as he supported his community to re-build. He also works from home two days per week. Ben is a new father and occasionally works from home with his daughter Stella.

We also work alongside community energy groups right across the region, hosting the North East Community Energy Network. Groups in this network span from Wodonga to Seymour, so being able to connect online saves a lot of travel.

We have a few tips that mean we can keep working together while not in the same place.

Zoom for meetings
Zoom allows us to stay connected over video link. We can hold meetings and webinars with multiple people and groups – and seeing people’s faces makes it feel more intimate!

Slack for communication
Slack is an online messaging application that lets us chat to each other, create channels for different projects, and collaborate with our partners. It is less formal than email and a great way to keep in touch with workmates in real time.

Google Drive for sharing documents
Google Drive means wherever we are, we can all be working on the same documents. We can create and edit documents at the same time, work on the same spreadsheets and share files with workmates and groups. We can also share larger files, like videos, using WeTransfer.

Have a phone call and check in
It’s important to check in and make sure everyone is doing okay. At some point during the day pick up the phone and say hello to workmates and colleagues.

Drop us a line at connect@indigopower.com.au and let us know how you are staying connected during this time.