Let’s get the energy costs for your business down

For large daytime electricity users there’s never been a better time to install solar.

Let us help you make the right decision. Whether you want to buy outright, or you’d prefer our no upfront cost solar power agreement, we’ve got the business energy solution to save you money.

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Mondo Ubi

Mondo Ubi is the smart energy monitoring and management system that delivers timely, accurate information about your energy consumption, accessible online from anywhere.

Whether you are monitoring a single building or multiple locations, Mondo Ubi provides you with helpful notifications, including high energy usage alerts and when it might be time to think about adding a battery to your system.

Being more aware of your energy consumption gives you the power to optimise your energy usage, operate more efficiently, and save money.

With Mondo Ubi you’ll be getting the most out of your on-site energy system.

Mondo Ubi

Indigo Power is doing energy differently.

We provide a clean and local alternative, with innovative renewable energy solutions, that keep profits right here in our region. We’ve got your organisation’s solar needs covered. Our in-depth analysis helps you decide the right solar system for you. This includes the estimated energy output and carbon reduction, and how much you’re likely to save. We’ll provide you with a quote for our no upfront cost solar power purchase agreement, and a quote for outright purchase, so that you can make the decision that’s right for your organisation.


With payback periods as low as 2.5 years, an outright purchase of a solar power system could be the right decision for your business. Our analysis will give you the information you need to invest with confidence.

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Indigo Power offers a solar power purchase agreement option with no upfront costs. We’ll pay for the system and sell you the power it generates at a reduced rate. At the end of a ten year contract, we’ll pass the system over to you. You can terminate the contract at any time with a payment that’s approximately the depreciated value of the solar power system.

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