Can you deliver an event online?

To launch community energy hubs across the region we’d planned a Roadshow with members of the North East Community Energy Network.

Instead of cancelling the Roadshow, we’re working with our community energy group partners to turn these public events into a series of webinars.

We’ve hosted two webinars already, and here’s what we’ve learnt:

1) We’re using Zoom for our webinars, which costs about $60 per month.

2) You can have two types of participants in the webinar. We’ve been having Indigo Power members and community energy group partners act as panelists. Panelists can speak, and have been moderating, presenting and responding to questions. Attendees are the second type of participants, who are there to find out more and ask questions.

3) The webinar can be set up so that attendees can speak, or they can ask questions by writing in. For simplicity, we’ve been using the second option.

4) We’ve also been live streaming the webinar to our Facebook Page. This is a great way for people to follow along without actually playing a part. Sending the video live to Facebook means that the webinar is available for others to view at a later time.

5) We haven’t changed the format of our events too much. We’ve been having an introduction from our local community partner, a presentation from Indigo Power, and most of the time has been dedicated to a robust question and answer session.

So far it seems to be working pretty well. But we want to make it better if we can. If you have any questions or would like to let us know how we can improve our webinars, please leave some feedback in the form below.

Here is the Indigo Power presentation about Indigo Power from the Wangaratta Webinar on Wednesday, 25 March.

Online Launch of the Wangaratta Community Energy Hub

Tonight we're live for the launch of the Wangaratta Community Energy Hub. Tune into the webinar from six or join us here.

Posted by Indigo Power on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

The full webinars are on our Facebook page. Click here for Beechworth, and here for Wangaratta.

Find our more and RSVP for a webinar event here.