Connecting through community energy hubs

Our goal is to power East Victoria with renewable energy.  We know that everyday people working together can overcome huge challenges. So, we’re setting up community energy hubs to enable a community response to climate change.

The electricity sector is the largest single driver of climate change. But we’ve also calculated that over $160 million leaves our region in electricity bills each year. We think a local energy provider, that sources as much local clean energy as possible, can help change that.

We also believe that building a local renewable energy economy, with local ownership, can play an important role in the recovery of our region, after the bushfires, and after the current pandemic.

Watch the presentation below and find out how you can join in and connect up with your local community energy hub.

Hi all, here is Ben's presentation from the webinar the other night.

Posted by Indigo Power on Thursday, 26 March 2020