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Your business can reduce its environmental impact, better manage energy use and reduce bills.


An inefficient system costs you money, and it costs the environment.

You can reduce your small businesses running costs and greenhouse gas emissions through Sustainability Victoria’s Small Business Energy Saver Program.

Indigo Power is delivering the program in partnership with GV Community Energy as the Hume Region intermediary. We can assist small businesses to upgrade eligible equipment at a heavily discounted price and, in some cases, at no cost.

We can help you figure out whether you have eligible equipment so you can take advantage of this offer today.

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We’re here to support you with the Small Business Energy Saver Program

The Program provides incentives for small businesses to perform energy upgrades. Each business is eligible for up to $2000 on top of the individual benefits of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. You can take advantage of both of these programs resulting in large upfront reductions in the price of energy-efficient upgrades.

The Victorian Government has added a new rebate to the generous subsidies, that are already available, to encourage the replacement of energy-inefficient systems.

This is a major opportunity for small businesses to invest in energy-efficient systems at a heavily discounted price. For you, this means low upfront costs and immediate savings.

We are here to help local businesses in our region make the most of this opportunity; allowing you to save money, reduce climate pollution, and contribute to a healthy electricity network.


The Small Business Energy Saver Program provides an COVID-19 economic stimulus to small businesses in Victoria and reduces their energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Indigo Power is delivering this program in partnership with GV Community Energy as the Hume Region intermediary. Our role is to link small businesses and the accredited providers managing the installation process. We will help to deliver the program by providing information, establishing eligibility, connecting the different parties and providing energy efficiency advice.

Eligible Victorian small businesses need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Have 1 to 19 employees (full-time equivalent)
  • Operate in a commercial premises (non-residential).
  • Sectors included: hospitality, retail, accommodation, healthcare and professional services, and small-scale manufacturing*.

Small businesses are eligible for the program whether they lease or own their premises.

*Excluded from the program: Agribusiness primary producers, sole traders and micro-businesses working from home. Hotels, motels, and aged care facilities do not qualify for the program (although they can upgrade common areas).

A range of equipment upgrades are eligible for the discount:

  • Replacing inefficient electric hot water systems.
  • Replacing inefficient gas hot water systems.
  • Upgrading to efficient room reverse cycle air-conditioners.
  • Installing energy-efficient refrigerator display cabinets.
  • Installing energy-efficient fridges and freezers.

Businesses can use bonuses to make multiple eligible upgrades, which can include:

  • heat pump hot water systems.
  • space heating and cooling systems.
  • refrigerators and upright freezers.
  • refrigerated display cabinets.
  • Reducing energy use in your business can:

    • save you money
    • lower your maintenance costs
    • increase productivity and performance of the system
    • improve safety and work conditions
    • decrease your impact on the environment.

    Visit the Sustainability Victoria website to find out how you can reduce the amount of energy used in your particular industry and the benefits it will provide.


Pricing will vary depending on the brand choice and cost of installation.

Each business is also eligible for a bonus of up to $2000 on top of the subsidies of the Victoria Energy Upgrade program.
Accredited providers will make the benefits tangible by providing quotes, helping you choose the right system and brand, coordinating your rebate, and managing any required paperwork.

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A local plumber or electrician will install your system

The accredited provider will assist you with the relevant government subsidies

Your system is installed, and you can sit back and enjoy a low cost, low carbon, energy-efficient system upgrade.

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