Energy resilience for the Upper Murray

Apr 27, 2021 | Indigo Power, Projects

Indigo Power has teamed up with Upper Murray Incorporated to deliver energy generation and storage systems to secure power supply at critical sites across the Upper Murray.

The bushfire recovery project is in response to a sustained power outage following the bushfires in 2019-20, where power outages lasted for up to three weeks, directly impacting critical service providers and affecting the region economically and socially.

The catastrophic fires highlighted how quickly normal activities are interrupted due to power outages, including communications, lighting, cooling, access to water, catering, banking and medical treatment services.

Upper Murray Incorporated has identified critical sites, including fire stations and health services, that require secure energy supply during a power outage. By installing energy nodes consisting of a solar power system and, where appropriate, batteries and generators, the project seeks to build the resilience capacity of each local community.

The project will also see the installation of three community-scale solar and battery systems to secure power supply at sites requiring large amounts of energy, including larger health and evacuation centres.

To improve grid reliability in the Upper Murray the project will also replace standard electric hot water units. When they turn on in the evening, these hot water units strain the electricity distribution network. Replacing standard hot water services with heat pump technologies that are up to 80% more efficient will help remove this pressure on the grid and contribute to the stability of supply.

The project will be delivered over the next two years, with funding support from Bushfire Recovery Victoria and Regional Development Victoria.

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