Here’s the good stuff – a quick snapshot of our work.

May 30, 2022 | Indigo Power, Industry, Projects

Indigo Power is more than just an electricity retailer. We aim to supply energy that is 100% renewable, and as a certified social enterprise, we’ve committed to returning 50% of our profits to clean energy and community projects in our towns.

Indigo Power is at the forefront of clean energy innovation, delivering projects focused on building energy resilience and reliability in rural communities.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the great things we’ve worked on:

Yack01 Community Battery

Launched in July 2021, Yack01 is the first project of its kind in Australia.

The battery, installed at the site of an old sawmill, comprises of 274 kWh of battery storage coupled with a 65 kW solar PV system. Each day, the battery is charged with solar renewable energy and each evening it discharges to supply Indigo Power members of the Yackandandah Community Energy Hub with clean renewable energy.

Yack01 also supplies the on-site electricity needs of the business the Agency of Sculpture, which operates from the same site.

A feasibility study is currently underway to replicate Yack01 in communities across North East Victoria and aggregating these in a virtual power plant.

Yack01 is owned and operated by Indigo Power, and was delivered in partnership with Totally Renewable Yackandandah, with funding support from the Victorian Government.

Patagonia Australia

Patagonia is in business to save the planet, and are always looking to reduce their impact and reverse the root causes of climate change, including the decarbonisation of their electricity usage.

Patagonia is currently investing in local generation capacity across the countries they operate in. In Australia, they’ve teamed up with Indigo Power to generate sufficient renewable energy to account for their annual electricity consumption.

They’ve provided a low interest loan to finance the installation of a 204 solar panel solar power system on the roof of the Cricket Albury Wodonga indoor cricket stadium. This 98 kW system is owned and operated by Indigo Power, and will be connected to Patagonia stores through Indigo Power’s energy hub software, with excess power from the solar power system accounting for electricity consumption at Patagonia stores.

The solar power system will also reduce Cricket Albury Wodonga’s electricity bills so that more money can be spent on pathway programs for junior cricketers throughout the region.

Energy resilience for the Upper Murray

Indigo Power is working with Upper Murray Incorporated to deliver energy generation and storage systems to secure power supply at critical sites across the Upper Murray.

The bushfire recovery project responds to the power outages following the bushfires in 2019-20, some of which lasted for up to three weeks, directly impacting critical service providers and affecting the region economically and socially. The catastrophic fires highlighted how quickly normal activities are interrupted when the power is out, including communications, lighting and cooling, access to water, banking and medical treatment services.

Upper Murray Incorporated has identified critical sites, including fire stations and health services, that require secure energy supply during a power outage. By installing energy nodes consisting of a solar power system and, where appropriate, batteries and generators, the project seeks to build the resilience capacity of each local community.

The project will also see the installation of three community-scale solar and battery systems to secure power supply at sites requiring large amounts of energy, including larger health and evacuation centres.

The project will be delivered over the next two years, with funding support from Bushfire Recovery Victoria and Regional Development Victoria.

Fran Quintanilla

Fran Quintanilla

Fran is our Marketing and Communications Manager. With a keen passion for creativity coupled with a strategic mindset, she is in charge of sharing our good news and great work with the Indigo Power community.

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