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May 14, 2024 | Community, Energy Sharing, Energy Sharing Featured, Projects

Almost all the energy imported by customers in the Healesville Community Energy Hub in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges has been shared from one powerful source.

In 2018 Upper Yarra Community Power (UYCP) commissioned the Warburton Community Hydro, a 100 kW power station. But as feed-in tariffs dropped, UYCP watched the return on their $1.3 million investment drop too. 

UYCP, who also manages the project, reached out to Indigo Power in 2022, looking for options to ensure ownership of the hydro facility stayed in community hands.

Indigo Power’s competitive feed-in tariff has meant that UYCP has secured a reliable revenue stream for the facility. The two organisations have designed a community battery facility that, should funding be secured under recent grant funding programs, would allow the facility to access the spot market and charge the battery during the day to avoid low daytime spot prices and discharge the battery across the evening peak to secure high spot prices.

When UYCP joined the Healesville Hub in August 2023, it became Indigo Power’s best-performing hub overnight. Since then, the facility has shared 98.23% of the energy imported into the Healesville Hub, only missing a beat when the facility is offline for maintenance. 

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This hub isn’t just leading; it’s rewriting the playbook for innovation in the energy sector.

The Healesville hub, which covers most of the Yarra Ranges local government area, is challenging the Yackandandah hub as the most innovative. Indigo Power’s new community battery, soon to be installed in Yarra Junction, will further improve energy sharing in the hub, soaking up electricity during the day to be exported across the evening peak.

In a hub where 325.6 MWh of energy is generated, there’s room for everyone to join the revolution. So, what are you waiting for? Plug into the Healesville Community Energy Hub and be part of something electric.

Read more about UYCP here.

Ben McGowan
Ben McGowan

Ben is Indigo Power’s Managing Director. He has a passion for collaborative initiatives that make a positive impact on our communities. Ben leads our skilled and committed projects team, driving the uptake of community-scale clean energy technologies in communities around Australia.

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