New Software Shows Impact of Yackandandah Community-Scale Battery

Nov 30, 2021 | Community, Energy Sharing, Energy Sharing Featured

Indigo Power has launched its energy sharing software that allows Indigo Power electricity customers to view how much of their energy usage can be accounted for by local renewable sources.

The first iteration of the software has now been updated to include information on local ‘shared assets’, larger community renewable energy assets within a local community energy hub.

The launch of the software gives members of the Yackandandah Community Energy Hub information on local energy supply, with the Yackandandah community-scale solar and battery system supplying almost 3% of all power consumed across the Hub.

Indigo Power customers in Yackandandah can now see how much electricity the Yackandandah community-scale solar and battery system is generating.

The Yackandandah community battery was launched on the 8th of July 2021 by the Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

In the past four months, the 274kWh Yackandandah community-scale solar and battery system has supplied almost 12 MWh to the Yackandandah community.

The Yackandandah community-scale solar and battery system is the first of its kind in Australia, and a large amount of testing, with Indigo Power partners Mondo, has been required to optimise control of the battery.

With testing of the battery drawing to a close, the battery will be operating at full capacity just in time for summer. We’re expecting its local impact to increase as it ramps up to full capacity this month.

From December 2021, the battery will begin discharging from 7 pm each evening, as electricity production from the western facing solar panels begins to slow. The battery will complete its evening discharge around 4 am each morning. This means clean, locally generated energy to households when the national grid relies heavily on fossil fuels.

The Yackandandah community-scale battery system was on display at its launch on 8 July 2021.

The ability to connect local electricity customers to local renewable energy generation is a big step forward for Indigo Power, as well as the town of Yackandandah as it heads toward its 100% renewable energy goal.

The software launched today will provide detailed local renewable energy information for customers and communities right across southern NSW and Eastern Victoria, and beyond. We look forward to replicating the Yackandandah community-scale solar and battery system in communities right across rural NSW and Victoria.

Thanks to the Agency of Sculpture for hosting the Yackandandah community-scale solar and battery system.

Ben McGowan

Ben McGowan

Ben is Indigo Power’s Managing Director. He has a passion for collaborative initiatives that make a positive impact on our communities. Ben leads our skilled and committed projects team, driving the uptake of community-scale clean energy technologies in communities around Australia.

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