Powering Progress in Yarra Junction

May 16, 2024 | Community, Indigo Power, Projects

Last year, Indigo Power, won a grant to install a pilot community battery to store excess solar electricity in Yarra Junction. Equipped with cutting-edge commercial, technological, and software systems, the community battery marks a significant move towards embracing local renewable energy consumption.

As project managers, Indigo Power is working with the support of the Yarra Ranges Council, Monash University and the local community.

Customers will be able to connect to the battery through Indigo Power’s retail offer. And our energy share software will offer Indigo Power customers the opportunity to engage with the battery’s operation; through our public-facing portal, tracking how much of their excess solar was shared with the battery, and how much the battery shared back to them.

Battery details:

  • 120kW/300kWh
  • Pixii brand
  • Lithium LFP
  • Built in fire suppression system
  • 3 units + 1 switchboard
  • Approx. 4 square meter footprint
  • Front of meter (FOM) battery connection
  • 10-15 years life expectancy

Indigo Power Project Manager, Dena Schultz, believes that projects like this one will encourage interest in energy and the renewable energy transition more broadly; “this project will continue demonstrating the viability of community-owned renewable energy generation and storage assets.”

“Through community ownership and as a social enterprise, Indigo Power will ensure any financial benefits created through the project are retained locally.”

The project will be delivered over the next six months, with funding support from the Australian Government under the Community Batteries for Household Solar program with support from the Yarra Ranges Council, and in close collaboration with Monash University, Healesville CoRE and Upper Yarra Community Energy / Upper Yarra Community Enterprise.

Fran Quintanilla
Fran Quintanilla

Fran is our Marketing and Communications Manager. With a keen passion for creativity coupled with a strategic mindset, she is in charge of sharing our good news and great work with the Indigo Power community.

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