Our first public share offer has sold out!

Apr 28, 2020 | Community

What a strange year it has been. Bushfires with months of smoke, and now a global pandemic that has changed the way we live and work.

But I wanted to share some good news. Last weekend Indigo Power met its maximum target for our first public share offer. The target was met in a record time of just four days, 17 days before the deadline!

We would like to thank and welcome the approximately 250 new Indigo Power shareholders into the Indigo Power community.

Indigo Power shareholders Russell and Julie Klose

This  share offer came at a difficult time, with the economy essentially shut down, and to make that target in one weekend was a huge effort. We think a local, community owned energy provider is a good idea, and a lot of people bought shares to help make it happen. Thank you to everyone who joined in.

Our successful share offer received some good news coverage. You can read more from the Border Mail here and from One Step Off the Grid here.

If you missed out, there will be another opportunity to become an Indigo Power shareholder in the near future. You can register your interest for the next share offer here.

We will use the funds raised to keep powering communities with clean energy through community energy hubs. This means expanding our electricity plan to more people across North East Victoria and into the Border Region of NSW. And building more community owned, local renewable energy infrastructure.

If you are not yet getting your electricity from Indigo Power, you can join today. Due to COVID-19, Sandy, our customer service officer is no longer working in the Beechworth office. But he can still take your call, email, or online chat from his home office in Cudgewa. We’re always ready to help out, so feel free to get in touch any time.

Find out more about Indigo Power’s community energy hub electricity plan here.

Stay safe and well, and we’ll look forward to celebrating with you all soon.

Ben McGowan

Ben McGowan

Ben is Indigo Power’s Managing Director. He has a passion for collaborative initiatives that make a positive impact on our communities. Ben leads our skilled and committed projects team, driving the uptake of community-scale clean energy technologies in communities around Australia.

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