Terms and conditions

We try to keep all our terms as simple as possible, and all our terms and conditions, and policies, are kept here, in one place, so that they’re easily accessible.

The Indigo Power retail offer is brought to you in partnership with Energy Locals. In cases were Energy Locals holds responsibility, we use their terms and conditions, or policy.

Market Terms

The market terms outline the terms and conditions of the Indigo Power retail offer. You can read them here.


We’ve got your privacy covered. You can read a full version of our privacy policy here. You can read a copy of Energy Locals’ privacy policy here.


Electricity is an essential service. A hardship policy, and associated processes, ensures that our retail customers have access to electricity in times of hardship, when customers are willing to pay their electricity bills, but are unable to do so. If you think you are in, or may be about to enter, a hardship situation please let us know as soon as possible.

Our partner Energy Locals administers our hardship policy. You can read it here.


If you’re an Indigo Power retail offer concession customer, you can view the concession terms here.

Direct Debit

If you’ve set up a direct debit account, you can access the direct debit terms here.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution

Indigo Power is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service that meets your needs. Customer feedback and complaints play an important role in making sure we meet our goal of high quality service.

You can make a complaint, or view our complaints policy here.

Website terms of use

If you’re using our website you are bound by our website terms of use, described here.

Manage Communications Preferences

Whether you’re an Indigo Power customer or not, you can adjust the way that we communicate with you here.

Standing Offer Terms and Conditions

The terms of the Indigo Power retail standing offer can be found here.