Thank you for joining Indigo Power!

Thanks for joining Indigo Power – we’re glad to have you with us! Whether you are setting up a new energy account or are switching your account over to Indigo Power, here’s what you can expect next.

1. Getting you set up

During the first 10 days we will create an Indigo Power account for you. This means emailing your account and connection details to you, as well as confirming your electricity meter configuration.


2. We’ll tell your current retailer

We will contact your current retailer to let them know you’re switching to Indigo Power. At this point it is likely they will attempt to retain you as a customer. This means offering you special offers and deals. There’s lots of good reasons for joining Indigo Power and we hope you’ll continue on your journey to becoming an Indigo Power customer.


3. Moving you to Indigo Power

After your cooling off period ends, you will be transferred to Indigo Power. To do this, we need to receive a meter reading. This usually happens within the first few weeks but could take a little longer. Once your meter has been read and successfully transferred to Indigo Power we will send you a confirmation letter.


4. The Indigo Power community

You’re now part of the Indigo Power community, and your local community energy hub. Welcome!