Wodonga’s first neighbourhood battery is coming to town.

Apr 30, 2024 | Community, Projects

Wodonga is celebrating a significant power boost with the arrival of its first community battery. 

Indigo Power proudly announces its successful application to the Victorian State Government under the 100 Neighbourhood Batteries Program. This initiative secures funding to install a cutting-edge neighbourhood battery in Wodonga, with a total storage capacity of 200kWh, at the North East Water’s wastewater treatment plant in Baranduda. 

This initiative aligns with Indigo Power’s commitment to promoting renewable energy adoption and improving local communities’ energy reliability. The community battery will offer reliable energy storage capabilities to address peak demand periods and reduce grid strain. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, Wodonga residents can look forward to a more secure and environmentally friendly energy landscape.

“Indigo Power is focused on soaking up an “oversupply” of solar renewable energy supplied by our customers. There’s enough solar supply in our customer base, but not enough storage,” Ben McGowan says.

“This battery will soak up the solar shared by local customers and provide the site with renewable energy.”

The strategic placement of the neighbourhood battery at the wastewater treatment plant means Indigo Power will leverage existing infrastructure to maximise operational efficiency and minimise environmental impact. Indigo Power will also engage local trades, promoting lasting community benefits that extend far beyond battery installation.

Guy Wilson-Browne, General Manager Planning and Infrastructure at North East Water supports the project, “North East Water is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2035. This project would provide North East Water with insights into how battery storage can contribute to this commitment and inform whether to install other batteries across our sites.”

This initiative marks a significant step towards energy reliability and sustainability in our community.

The funding, provided by the Victorian Government’s 100 Neighbourhood Batteries Program, highlights the government’s commitment to supporting innovative projects that promote renewable energy adoption and strengthen local energy infrastructure. Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio said “We’re building 100 neighbourhood batteries across Victoria to make sure all families can share the savings from the massive uptake of solar.” 

“We’re making Victoria the home of batteries – to deliver storage to soak-up renewable energy, improve the network, drive down bills and spread the benefits of local renewable energy even further.”

The installation of the neighbourhood battery is slated to begin in mid-2024, with completion expected by June 2025.

For more information about Indigo Power please visit indigopower.com.au and https://www.energy.vic.gov.au/grants/neighbourhood-batteries/100-neighbourhood-batteries

Fran Quintanilla
Fran Quintanilla

Fran is our Marketing and Communications Manager. With a keen passion for creativity coupled with a strategic mindset, she is in charge of sharing our good news and great work with the Indigo Power community.

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