Wodonga stadium powered with renewable energy

Apr 20, 2022 | Projects

Innovative projects excite us. And even more when we get to work with world-leading brands to benefit our region. 

Patagonia Australia has partnered with Indigo Power to generate sufficient renewable energy to offset Patagonia’s annual energy consumption.

For Patagonia, partnering with communities to tackle climate change is at the core of their business. Kate Maffett, Finance and Operations Director at Patagonia Australia, says Patagonia is in business to save our home planet. 

“We’re always looking for specific things our company can do to reduce our impact and reverse the root causes of climate change – decarbonising our electricity usage is one crucial aspect of that.” 

“We have a history of supporting Totally Renewable Yackandandah through our 1% For the Planet environmental grants program. At the same time, we‘ve been working towards covering 100 per cent of our electricity needs with renewable energy sources – not just by purchasing green energy but by investing in local generation capacity. 

To be able to link up with a social enterprise like Indigo Power, which shares our values, makes this project incredibly exciting for us.” 

The Cricket Albury Wodonga indoor stadium in West Wodonga is the host of the 98 kW solar PV system, which is estimated to generate 130 MWh of clean electricity and export surplus electricity to the grid to account for energy consumption at Patagonia stores and offices across Australia.

The clean electricity generated will also dramatically reduce Cricket Albury Wodonga’s onsite electricity costs. Cricket Albury Wodonga Chairman Michael Erdeljac says that cost savings from the solar panels will support program development.

“The solar panels will allow us to cut our electricity bills so that more money can be spent on pathway programs for junior male and female cricketers throughout the region.” 

The project commenced at the start of April and will take four weeks to complete. The project is being delivered with the help of local businesses with the installation of racking and solar panels by KDEC Solar & Electrical.

Ben McGowan

Ben McGowan

Ben is Indigo Power’s Managing Director. He has a passion for collaborative initiatives that make a positive impact on our communities. Ben leads our skilled and committed projects team, driving the uptake of community-scale clean energy technologies in communities around Australia.

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