Upper Murray Energy Resilience and Reliability Project
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Project Overview

The extended loss of electricity supply following the 2019/20 bushfires inhibited emergency response, evacuation and community recovery. To secure power supply for future emergency events, Upper Murray Incorporated has partnered with Indigo Power to deliver energy generation and storage systems at critical sites across the Upper Murray.

The Upper Murray Energy Resilience and Reliability Project will deliver:

1. Energy Nodes: A combination of solar, battery and generator systems will be installed at up to 27 critical sites across the Upper Murray. The energy systems will range in size from 5kW – 15kW solar PV; 6kWh to 30kWh battery and/or 5kVA to 30kVA back-up generators including changeover switch.

2. Community-Scale Batteries: Community-scale solar and battery systems will be installed at two hospitals and one evacuation centre. These energy systems may range between 60kW – 70kW solar PV and/or 208kWh up to 274kWh battery systems; and back-up generator as required.

The Project is the first step in a plan to improve electricity reliability and resilience across the whole of the Upper Murray region through the deployment of local energy generation and storage, and micro-grid technologies.

The energy systems shall include the installation of the Mondo UBI hardware for future opportunities within Virtual Power Plant (VPP’s) and Microgrid development (not included in this project). The project includes the design, supply and installation of solar power systems in combination with battery storage and back-up diesel generators.

This Project is funded by the Victorian State Government Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions through a Local Economic Recovery Program grant.

Indigo Power require all interested contractors that wish to participate in the projects ‘Request for Quotation’ to register their details in the form provided on this page.

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