Everything you need to know about becoming Indigo Powered.


No. Anyone can join Indigo Power.
Customers with solar panels generate the energy that other customers can use, or we’ll generate it for you at our community owned solar systems. So don’t worry. If you don’t have solar panels you’ll still be an important participate in your community energy hub, and be able to have your electricity supplied by Indigo Power.


A community energy hub is a community or town working together to create and share electricity.
Indigo Power customers can generate electricity and share it with their neighbours, and we’ll be building larger solar and battery projects to supply communities with top-up power. Every community energy hub remains connected to the Australian electricity network, so you’ve always got power when you need it


If you’ve got solar, excess energy that is not being used is sent back into community energy hub and is available for other customers to use.
Indigo Power will also be building renewable energy generation installations to provide top up electricity for the hub. We’ll run the calculations each evening. The next day we’ll show you how much energy was shared locally, was shared by larger scale generation and storage assets, and was supplied from outside the hub.


No. You can participate in your community energy hub without solar panels, and without an Ubi.
In the mid-term, having an Ubi will give you additional functionality, allowing you to make real time decisions about how you participate in the hub. In the short-term, the Ubi will give you real time visibility of your household’s energy generation, consumption, and export. You’ll also be able to track the performance of the hub with your Mondo Portal.


Don’t worry. If you don’t have an Ubi you can still participate in your community energy hub, and our Indigo Power software will allow you to track the performance of your hub.


Indigo Power is a public unlisted company and certified social enterprise. We’re owned by community members from across regional Victoria and NSW.
You can see our board members and management team here.


Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment. As a certified social enterprise, you know that we’ll always be delivering for our communities and the environment.


Indigo Power is a certified social enterprise, and directs 50% of any profits towards projects that support our purpose.
Our purpose is, ‘to enable a society that is powered by 100% renewable energy in a way that supports and empowers communities.’


You’ll see the Energy Locals logo and name a lot. That’s because Energy Locals provides some key electricity retail services to Indigo Power, which enables us to deliver our offer. Energy Locals holds an electricity retail licence, and many of the important software, billing, and payment systems are provided by Energy Locals.

Energy Locals are a Melbourne based company with a vision of making energy cheaper, cleaner and fairer. You can find out more about Energy Locals here.


Community energy is an approach to renewable energy that gives power back to communities.
This can be through local ownership, or by ensuring benefit flows back to the community in some other way. We convene a network of 15 community energy groups across the region, all working to deliver clean energy outcomes for their communities.


Take a look at our quick start user guide. This guide has been designed to help you find your way around your energy portal.