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Water heating is a quarter of the average Australian household’s energy consumption, and the largest source of climate pollution.

If you’ve got an inefficient hot water system it’s costing you money, and it’s costing the environment.

We’re targeting North East Victoria’s high energy bills, while cutting carbon emissions.

Hot water heating in our region is expensive, often relying on inefficient electric hot water systems that  generate high amounts  of climate pollution. Switching to an energy efficient hot water system  will save you money and benefit the environment.

Model type: REHP-CO2-315GL (315 enamel tank with Co2 natural refrigerant system)

A heat pump functions like an air conditioner in reverse. Instead of an inefficient electric heating element it uses heat pump technology to extract energy from the air to heat the water.

Five key points for the Reclaim CO2 heat pump

  • Up to five times more efficient than electric hot water tanks;
  • Smart controller to integrate with your household and optimise performance;
  • Pair it with solar PV for even greater cost savings: the heat pump is equivalent to a 4 kW battery storage system;
  • Reduces your water heating carbon emissions by up to 80% (100% is achievable if integrated with solar);
  • Product warranty of up to 15 years.

The Reclaim heat pump is a quiet system and the best performing heat pump in cooler climates like ours. It uses carbon dioxide, as a refrigerant, rather than toxic refrigerants.

To find our more about the Reclaim CO2 Heat Pump click here to view the brochure or visit the Reclaim Energy website.

Model type: AE-315-GL-BOT-30 (315 enamel tank with 30 tubes network power boosted)

These tubes produce hot water from solar energy. The tubes are designed to passively track the sun, up to 95% of the solar energy they capture.

Five key points for the Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System

  • Heat using free energy from the sun.
  • Reduce your energy consumption by up to 80% by replacing your existing electric hot water unit;
  • Reduce hot water emissions by between 60-90%;
  • High performance in cold weather with in built frost protection, hail resistance, and cyclone rated mounting frames;
  • Up to 15 year warranty

We have some of the best solar resources in the country and Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems assists homeowners to capitalise on that. The tube collectors are designed to passively track the sun, but they’re also designed for our cold winters, rated to handle frost down to -15°C.

To find our more about the Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System click here to view the brochure or visit the Apricus website.

Pricing will vary based on where you are, your current system, and the requirements for system install.

Approximate price including install for the Reclaim CO2 Heat Pump: pricing upon request.

With all available subsidies, install price is: pricing upon request.

Approximate price including install for the Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water: pricing upon request.

Prices that include subsidies are for the replacement of a standard electric element hot water system.

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  6. Your system is installed and you can sit back and enjoy low cost, low carbon, hot water.

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